Donna Duffola Johnson ROARS!

Donna Duffola Johnson ROARS!
Sharing excerpts of an article I contributed to a while ago because this is still so very important and relevant for people to know what is really going on in the addiction treatment industry. This is 100% true. It happened to my family as well as many other desperate families. It happened to my son multiple times before we figured out what was happening. Taking advantage of families and sick loved ones for money. Carin Miller of MHAA and Save Our Children, Lynn Fowler Miller (James’s mother) are currently sending people to a CONVICTED patient broker (Howard James Fowler) for substance use disorder treatment. They have no education, credentials, clinical background to be sending anyone anywhere. If anyone has been “helped” by Carin, Lynn or James, I would love to speak with you and hear your story. James was recently driving around in a 150k Cadillac SUV that I was told he paid cash for. He was only 4 months sober when he and his deceiving lying mother lured my son to Florida the first time through a Facebook support group. James was in his early 20’s, zero education or credentials. Are you getting an idea of the money $$$$$ that is being made illegally? All insurance fraud being committed by treatment facilities, labs, doctors and more. My son was bought and sold to detoxes, treatment centers, flop houses, paid to relapse, given drugs to get back into detox and steal patients and was in some horrific situations because we trusted James and Lynn Fowler. Because we trusted Ian Treacy/ Amethyst Recovery Center. There are MANY “James and Ians” out there ready to scoop up your loved ones that need help. Please don’t make the same mistakes we did. Please know that they are everywhere now. They are in our backyards, in every state. It is an extremely intricate, corrupt shell game being played. Until we have an enormous shakedown within the industry, (in progress) this will all continue. Don’t send you loved ones anywhere without proper vetting. You just can’t take the risk. We were lucky because so many families received their loved one back in body bags or a box of ashes. Please help us stop this form of human trafficking by continuing to speak out and tell your stories. It matters!

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