Dru Hicks and James Guthrie

One of the other things I do is race. I also don’t put this on social media. I think you’ll come to find through reading some of my post I don’t put a lot of my personal life on social media. But in Boston’s efforts to do something that I believe in 100% I’m going to give a little more information than I normally would. So here it is. As I said one of the other things I do with my life is I race. I am part of the Easyriders Rodeo circuit and ampa American motorcycle Pullers Association.
Being at such a thing anybody that understands the motorcycle World understands what kind of scene I put myself in. If you’ve ever been to a motorcycle rally you know exactly what kind of debauchery unfolds there. Let me just say for the record that his buddy there in that picture mr. Guthrie, is a pretty well-known face in what we like to call the circus at Ohio Bike Week. If you’ve been to Ohio Bike Week then you know that there’s a separation between event and camping but it ain’t much of one. The party starts on a Thursday night and it doesn’t stop until I Monday morning a week and two days later. This boy is well-known sought out and talked about at this event as well as others. Thunder in the Valley down in Kentucky, Blue Ridge Hideaway, I could go on and on. I’m here to tell you he’s not they’re spreading the word of Hope and healing..
It didn’t take me even a half a second to realize who that was when I saw his picture. What the hell is he doing with Dru Hicks? Is somebody about to blow my lid and tell me that this man claims to be part of the recovery world? That he claims to be clean and sober? Cuz if you are telling me that he claims that by all means who am I to judge right? I mean after all I’ve only bared witness with my own eyes. Or how about redneck rave? We got called down there last year to do a guest spot so they could see if they would like us to come back the following year. I couldn’t help but lead myself to believe through what I see him being involved with at Redneck Rave that he’s one of the promoters if not one of the main promoters. For the record we were not interested in going back next year and we left the first night. Even Ohio Bike Week seemed pretty timid compared to the debauchery at that shit. And that’s coming from a guy that hangs out with other racers that are usually pretty well lubricated. Even those old cronies didn’t want anything to do with that shit. This is unbelievable. Keep up the good work brother. And Carol you’re awesome.!

Dru Hicks and James Guthrie

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