Someone’s thoughts on Richie Webber

My friend who he claimed was his friend even tho he didn’t like webber and said this stuff about him a few years back. My friend passed away from an od this past year but said he had people telling him that webber was doing Coke at a party but said it was ok because it wasn’t opiates. I do not know webber personally but do know people who grew up with him and know him and they have been saying he may not be using opiates but he is still getting high. They also have made claims that he he was trying big ufc by using recovery and his work in the community to get his name out there. It was also said that he was getting paid a per head fee to get people into rehab which I do believe its illegal to get these types of kickbacks. I do know someone and so does my bf someone who was very close to webber a few years ago he was actively in recovery and still is I wont say his name but good job man he cut ties with webber over the types of behaviors listed in this article because he didnt think it was right to make money by trying to help othere get into rehab. Also I know someone who was trying to get help she reached out to webber to help find her a bed she was looking also she found one but webber talked down the place and said a bed would be open at said place in a few days just to stick it out and go to sandusky hospital for detox while she waits. She did get a bed at the place webber recommended but said he was pushy to make sure she went to the place he wanted and she said she thought it was because she thought he was getting some kind of kick back. I am all for recovery and people helping others I try to help people with different things when I can like a ride to the store or a gallon of milk you know just doing the right thing
I am not ok with people taking advantage of sick people by making a profit and how can you help some recover if your not 100% clean yourself this just dont work getting high is getting high no matter the drug.

A former girlfriend of Richie Webber’s shared with me (Integrity 50) that Richie was snorting Adderal and Xanax throughout the course of their relationship. She further stated that he was very slick and sneaky regarding his use.

Neither Richie nor Chandra are honest regarding their clean time.


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