Harmony Ridge Recovery Center. More factual đź’© on this ill-run POS treatment center.

I have been maintaining my personal relationship with the client whom I have referred to in previous posts regarding Harmony Ridge Recovery Center.

Today this client informed me of the following: “Someone I know from FB informed me that she spoke with a “tech” she knows from Harmony Ridge. She said she asked him if I had been a client at Harmony Ridge. This male “tech” confirmed to my FB friend that I had been a client there. Then this guy proceeded to message me.” Since when is it appropriate for a staff member at a Treatment Center to reach out to and communicate with a client who completed treatment 3 days ago?! Not to mention ANOTHER HIPAA violation by ANOTHER unprofessional staff member at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center. That makes two HIPAA violations by two different employees.

Needless to say, these multiple foul and illegal behaviors on behalf of Harmony Ridge Recovery Center have NOT been beneficial to this client, with SUD and mental health issues, who is brand new to embarking on her journey of recovery.

BEWARE THIS “MARKETER” for Harmony Ridge Recovery Center.

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