I have brought your attention to Harmony Ridge Recovery Center in previous posts. Further intel has been brought to my attention. Please read to the end.

The client I spoke about in previous posts regarding Harmony Ridge has informed me that she and a male client engaged in a sexual act while on a hike on the facility property while chaperoned by a staff member whose name I will not disclose at this time.

As you may recall I shared photographs with you of the Sober Living Facility that Harmony Ridge placed their client in. I shall share the photographs again.

This is Shirley Temple Sober Living in Charleston WV. Harmony Ridge Admissions Coordinator “Sam” assured me that Harmony Ridge vets ALL Sober Living Facilities they send their clients to.

It has now been brought to my attention that two other clients were placed at Shirley Temple a week before the client, that I know personally, was placed there.

These two clients stayed at Shirley Temple for approximately one week before relapsing and leaving Shirley Temple. Their whereabouts are currently not known.

The smell of alcohol reeked throughout Shirley Temple. One client had relapsed while at this Sober Home and had not quite 24 hours clean. The Sober Living was described to me as follows: “It was just like a trap house. The smell of alcohol was everywhere. My room mate didn’t have 24 hours clean. I was scared every moment I was there. Coming straight out of treatment it was traumatizing.“

I can only imagine what else is going on behind the scenes at this shoddy Recovery Center.

BEWARE: Michael Sedjo/Outreach Coordinator/Addictions Resource Center on Reckless Recovery/Business Strategy Professional. This “marketer” is making the big bucks putting heads in beds for Harmony Ridge. Michael keeps company with a number of shady, unscrupulous marketers in the rogue Treatment Center Industry.


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