Harmony Ridge Recovery Center…..Update

The client, mentioned in previous posts regarding Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, is coming forward with further concerns as experienced during her stay.

The client was waiting on lab results done at the time of her admission. A “case manager” by the name of Brandy met with this client to give her the results of her lab work. Brandy had printed out the results and brought them to the client. As the client reviewed the lab work she began to realize that the lab work results were for tests that she had not had done. The client then realized that the name on the lab results were not her name. The client brought this to the attention of Brandy the “case manager”. When Brandy realized that she had brought someone else’s lab work results to the wrong client she stated: “Don’t say anything about this. I could get in trouble.” The client was fully aware at the time of this incident that the case manager’s actions violated HIPAA.

What kind of a Treatment Center employs a “case manager” who instructs a client: “Don’t say anything about this” not to mention violated HIPAA? The behaviors of Brandy/“case manager” were egregious and potentially psychologically and spiritually harmful to this client new to recovery.

More will be revealed.

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