Let’s take another look at MICHAEL SEDJO with Harmony Ridge Recovery Center Walker WV

The next time you see your favorite Recovery AllStar “marketer” on Social Media claiming to be an “Addictions Resource Center” may I suggest you be mighty, mighty, MIGHTY CAREFUL!

MICHAEL SEDJO works for Harmony Ridge Recovery Center in Walker WV utilizing the following titles:

Outreach Coordinator

Business Strategy Professional

Addictions Resource Center (aka Reckless Recovery)

Deceptive Marketing
by Michael Sedjo and Harmony Ridge Recovery Center
They also refer to Daylight Recovery in Florida as well as multiple other TC’s under All Addictions Recovery

Mr. Sedjo, would you care to share your education, qualifications, and credentials that qualify you to possess the above three titles?

Let’s take a look at a Sober Home that Harmony Ridge has vetted and refers their clients to.

Apparently Harmony Ridge Recovery Center didn’t know that their client was someone very near and dear to me.

I am, as well, highly concerned that this client may be at an even greater risk for COVID19 in consideration of the living conditions of this Sober Living Home. Clearly there is no over sight.

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