Another look at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center Walker West Virginia

As you may recall I have brought attention to my readers previously with posts on my website regarding Harmony Ridge Recovery Center and, in particular, one of their “marketers” MICHAEL SEDJO. I have further information that I believe might be informatively helpful.

This afternoon I spoke with two different “Admission Coordinators” working with Harmony Ridge. These Admission Coordinators also work for Daylight Recovery in Florida as well as All Addiction Recovery. The first Admissions Coordinator named “Sam” was very hesitant to share with me his education, qualifications, and credentials to do “assessments” on potential clients. He did finally say that he has a Bachelors of Science degree in Health Sciences. Suffice to say that Sam is NOT a licensed Clinician. In fact, he stated that he did not know what a Clinician is. The second Admissions Coordinator I spoke with was Eric Bohler. He dodged every question I had regarding his education, qualifications, and credentials. I think it’s fair to say that he ultimately refused to give me any qualifications giving him the Clinical Skills and/or licensure to do assessments for incoming clients at multiple treatment centers. Both of these gentleman seemed a tad paranoid in terms of answering my reasonable questions as a consumer. Neither of these Admission Coordinators presented themselves in a professional manner and were NOT forthcoming regarding their education, qualifications, and credentials. This kind of conduct gives rise to a red flag regarding Harmony Ridge Recovery Center. More will be revealed in my next post.


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