A quick look at 3 of our standout Baa Baa Brokers. Sadly, the rogue Treatment Center Industry and these ass clowns are making beaucoup bucks off the backs of those with SUD and/or mental health issues. What are you doing to help bring awareness and education to the lost souls who know no better?

The King of Recovery has spoken once again. 😤
Nothing like putting yourself or your loved one into the hands of “a mess” while waiting for this money-hungry egotist to turn into “a masterpiece”.
Little Miss Narcissist Rap Star attempting a pose.
Epic fail from head to toe.
And what’s up with these foot covers?


    1. I’m aware Shine Light. He’s on a serious high-speed mission to make money. He’s pushing Twitch as hard as he can. He is a master manipulator. As close to running a recovery cult as there could be. I sometimes wonder how much longer I can stand to do what I do. XO❤️


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