1. And there you go, in perfect form and fashion. You automatically assume that every person who actually calls you out is a “bad player in the rogue treatment industry”

    It’s not that black and white. I’m simply an observer on the outside who has witnessed your tirades and gotten quite sick of it. You crossed the line into suggesting people are breaking the law for having online meetings. I know you changed it to save face, but they’re still there. You even thanked me for keeping you honest! And then ran to your blog to call me insane. Who is the insane one?


    1. Insane? Did I use that term? What job did you lose? Not that I expect answer. Considering that you have “gotten quite sick of it”, why do you follow my website? Who are you attempting to defend? There are NO LIES in any of my posts.


  2. Its always amazing to me when ppl write something they think says one thing but in all actuality says something completely different. Maybe this for profit gamble will pay off for body brokers. Who knows. But I wouldn’t want to be in any of the body brokers current position. That’s for sure.
    My guess is “plausible deniability” is not going to matter one bit either way but even if they were able to convinced a judge that they didn’t realize what they were doing was wrong I still don’t think it will make one bit of difference at sentencing.
    That’s just how the courts usually work. Once investigations expose the industry for what it is, a fraud, body brokers are not going to be able to explain away their roles. After all, it is an illegal racket for financial gain. Thats just what it is. No getting around that.
    Why it is wrong is a whole different subject & my guess is the courts are not going to be sympathetic to that argument either . Maybe ya haven’t noticed, but the courts aren’t usually sympathetic to such things.

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