1. You are, in fact, the joke. You spew hatred, gossip, drama and unfounded lies constantly. You take credit for other people’s work. You think that you are a CIA agent, when in reality your just an old, sad lonely lady. You also probably believe in QAnon. You post pictures of people’s pupils as if that is 100% indicative of being under the influence of drugs. You make claims that people are breaking laws. Sure, you’ve shed light some unscrupulous characters, but your lack of knowledge on how the healthcare industry works is insane. You also say these people exploit, when in fact all of these stories of other people’s trials and tribulations are written by themselves, and are given permission to post them.

    I am glad that rent in your head is dirt cheap, though. I’m out of a job currently so it’s nice to know I have a place to stay. It’s time someone called you out.


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