1. What corrections? You make an egregious claim about someone breaking a law that often results in MASSIVE fines, yet you can’t back up your claims as to what they are? You’re just spouting propaganda at this point.


  2. And I saw your ‘correction’. It doesn’t matter. On THIS POST, you say he is directly violating HIPAA with his online meetings, not that he ‘broke HIPAA in the past’ (which he probably didn’t but I don’t have the information.

    So unless you’re going to tell me how he broke HIPAA on two other individuals, or how this breaks HIPAA, then I hope everyone else who reads this trash can see how you just spew unfounded lies about all of your targets. It’s a disgrace. I hope his people see this and sue you for libel.


    1. Chill-out. “Unfounded lies”? Anything else you care to point out as unfounded lies? I also hope they sue me! I shall delete anything on that post referencing HIPAA. I have brought factual information forward on my website regarding Warren Boyd and Wavelengths. Perhaps you missed that.


  3. Bob Loblaw. I very much appreciate your comments and input. Thank you for assisting me in keeping my posts and my blog credible as my honesty and integrity are paramount in the work that I do.


    1. I guess you missed the exploitation, victimization AND HIPAA violations with regard to Cody Bishop and Kate Privett. Too bad. You could have pocketed some big stacks with a lawsuit.


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