EARLE VAN…Just when we thought he was gone for good.

Before he was fired from Boca Recovery Center.
Earle and Mommy
Whoa. Check out them thar pupils.
Mommy has a pension for serving-up cease and desists and is obsessed with filing lawsuits. Her track record in the Courtroom is pretty much a line-up of epic fails.
A closer look. Oh my Mommy.
A few of Earle’s “recovery advocate” gang.
ALL fired from Boca Recovery Center.
(Left) DRU HICKS/body broker/human trafficker, on-line sexual predator.
(Upper right) William Marotta/body broker/human trafficker/scammer/profound pathological liar
(Middle right) Earle Van/body broker/womanizer/chronic relapser.
(Lower right) Rich Walters/body broker/human trafficker/highly skilled liar, manipulator, and con-man who put no more than 15 heads in beds over 11 months at Boca Recovery Center per Chris Ferry.
Is this someone you would trust yourself or loved one with if help was needed for SUD and/or mental health issues?
Mommy and son.

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