I saw your post from today, you mention rich Walters and his new recovery center he brokers for being a secret. I know in Jan he was brokering for Palm Beach Recovery Center in West Palm Beach. I know this because he brokered my husband before I knew anything about this in human practice.

And never heard from rich after he got there

Other than the time I called and called him out and let him know scamming people to buy a vacuum or a time share is one thing, but people and their lives and illness in not kosher

I know nothing other than I know he is a patient broker and not a recovery advocate and uses God and his christianty as his sales pitch

It’s about money doesn’t care about the people

They claim to be accredited but they arent

When I ask for the Doctor name they first gave me the name of the Dr who was over the TC that was there before this one. Not sure if it just changed names or if they work under her license etc…. But later they told me the Dr name is “Juan”. My husband said that’s the name he went by never a last name

They wouldn’t even give the Dr last name lol

It use to be the detox center which has a TC in Boca

Sent one young girl from there to Indiana

Thania Quesada

This is the Dr they first told me

It is definitely an illegal operation as they fit everything I researched. Fraudulent chargees etc….

And he tried to tell me he didn’t know anything about the Florida shuffle and didn’t deal with the dirty brokers that give honest guys like him a bad name. (As stated by Rich Walters, the liar)


My husband is home, our life wasn’t shattered, the only reason we are even continuing to persue this is to help other people who have or will fall victim



  1. Mike christy/laxton
    Brook laxton and the rest if the scumbags I know by name
    You destroy lives while you are killing people and draining bank accounts for serious help was needed you let them die..your hands have blood on them Mike you always have been a scumbags

    I hope your death day is coming you no good mother fucker as your wife also kills addicts too with your babies theyshould be put in DYFS CARE DRUG DEALING PARENTS SHAME ON YOU.
    Mike you will pay BELIEVE ME

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    1. Lisa…thank you so very much for your blunt and candid comment.
      You give me hope! Feel free to message me if you would like to discuss further. Any communications are held in the strictest confidence. Without integrity I am nothing. ❤️💥


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