A SHOUT-OUT TO FB. I want to give FB a shout-out for putting me in FB jail AGAIN for calling out the rogue Treatment Centers’ Body Brokers and Human Traffickers who are grossly and criminally violating your Community Standards yet you do NOTHING about it. Shame on you FB. Seems to me that makes you complicit in their filthy crimes against humanity. Not only do these profiteers have blood on their hands, but you do, too.


  1. I totally concur. FB is a good example of one of the overall problems. If asked, FB would probably say something like “oh we didn’t realize they were scamming ppl” etc. But at some point, ignorance is no excuse. It’s often said that ppl w/ SUD “use despite negative consequences.” Well, the same thing can be said for the drug war itself. Overwhelmingly, as a public policy, it’s “used despite negative consequences.” These body brokers are no different. They’re capitalizing (financially) off those negative consequences – and I say they’re doing it with full knowledge. No longer can they, or FB for that matter, claim ignorance.

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