Tim Ryan and Jennifer Gimenez hold no degrees yet think they’re some kind of experts on SUD, Mental Illness, and Recovery. Tim wouldn’t know what a spiritual principle was if it smacked him in his face. Tim is more than “feisty“. He RAGES. Tim is a liar, deceiver, con, manipulator, fraud, narcissistic corrupt criminal and it is apparent the honeymoon is over.


  1. This is what out of control “people addiction” looks like. It’s actually a very dangerous addiction (see Hypoic’s Handbook by Dr Umanoff). It’s the only addiction everyone w/ SUD shares. Yet it’s the MOST misunderstood addiction of all addictions & is often the most deadly (it’s not so-called “co-dependency,” that’s a total misnomer).
    Body brokers are in wide-open active people addiction (etc) yet are celebrated for it & make a living off it. The smoke & mirrors of “helping” has a lot of people fooled. It’s truly a deadly for profit fraud. Add in that almost the entire addxn tx industry is also a fraud and you have one big mess. Body brokers thrive in this industry for a reason. It’s hate masquerading as “love.” The treatment industry was born out of an egregiously harmful criminalization model. It’s an industry that causes & maximizes harms as a whole.
    Welcome to the “pre-paradigm” state of addxn treatment, recovery & public policy.

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