A comment from my FB page.

I was once a Chanda Lynn fan as thousands of you still are. I’ve even gone to the extent of contacting her in messenger and telling her how sorry I was that she was being attacked on FB by a woman whom I thought was just straight hateful. Well, this woman saw one of my comments on Chanda’s page and sent me a friend request. This woman’s name is Carol Terwilliger. I had so many resentments towards this woman that I contacted her on messenger. I wanted FACTS as to why she had so much hate and why she would say the things that she does. Well, I got the FACTS. Everyone said Carol is crazy, but she’s not. If you pay attention, every time Carol “calls out” Chanda and Richie they do a live video trying to cover their tracks. Richie and Chanda are marketers/body brokers for Wavelengths Treatment Center. Today I am grateful that Carol Terwilliger helped me find the truth. Maybe one day you will, too.

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