A LETTER TO CHANDA LYNN. Dear Chanda Lynn, I am writing this letter to you out of genuine concern for your well-being. I have observed you experiencing episodes of depression as you verbalize your thoughts of suicide. I have observed you in the throes of mania. I have observed you under the influence of mind-altering substances. Last night in the video you made with Richie I witnessed you suffering from a full-blown panic attack. It would appear that you just might need further professional help than you are currently receiving with these debilitating and dangerous conditions. What further concerns me is Richie’s reaction and inaction in response to your panic attack. His shallow attempts to placate you were offensive and void of any true compassion or caring. Surely this did not go unnoticed by you. I hope you will seek and find the appropriate professional mental health support that you very clearly are in need of. As well, I genuinely hope that you will come to your true self and see how unhealthy your relationship with Richie Webber is. I am inclined to believe that you do see that he is a shallow narcissist who is not good for your mental and spiritual health. I encourage you to be brave and make choices that will help and assist you going forward. I believe it would also serve you well to fully and completely remove yourself from any further involvement with the (rogue) Treatment Center Industry. Your mental and physical health is clearly being negatively impacted. May you be well very soon. In loving recovery, Integrity50

P.S. Your hair loss may be the result of your use of Kratom as well as your high levels of anxiety.


    1. I thought the same mantiswoman61. It has become starkly apparent that she has a number of untreated mental health issues. Whatever modalities she is using are not working, yet she makes organic recommendations to her followers who share the same symptoms. Like WTF? Her long-term use of Kratom may be negatively manifesting itself. Bottom-line, she has stressors out the ying yang. Working in the rogue Treatment Center Industry is but one possible example. Ego and keeping secrets can be deadly for the serenity of anyone in recovery. MANY marketers/body brokers have overdosed and died. She’s working in a deadly industry.


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