Doctor accused of falsely billing insurance nearly $1M – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

A Boca Raton doctor has been charged with insurance fraud after a two-year investigation show he copied and paste false symptoms from patients to get paid nearly a million dollars, according to investigators.Dr. Max Citrin, an osteopathic physician, was charged Tuesday with three felonies for false claims made to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Humana.
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This is going on all across the country and it is occurring behind the scenes in the rogue Treatment Center Industry far more than most people are aware.

All-too-often “scholarships” are a behind the scenes scam, as well. The treatment center will purchase insurance for a patient using their real name but with a bogus address…sometimes actually using an address of one of their own employees.

There aren’t enough laws and legislation in place around the country to combat this. And the truth is that there are more bad guys than good guys to go after them.

And so I just do the best I can to bring awareness.

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