We broke another addiction! Balancing life can be stressful! What’s up with you guys? Let’s talk!

We broke another addiction! Balancing life can be stressful! What’s up with you guys? Let’s talk!
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Shay Walters and Rich Walters are body brokers. Rich’s notoriety includes putting heads in the beds of 4 different criminal treatment centers over the past 3 years. (Reliance, White Oak Run, Life Changes, and Treatment Alternatives). Rich and Shay worked for Boca Recovery Center, as well, until Rich was terminated due to having put only 15 heads in their beds over an 11 month period of time (per Christopher Ferry/founder of BRC). Rich and Shay continue to work as body brokers for an unknown treatment center/centers. They are guilty of deceptive marketing as evidenced by no mention of who they are currently working for on either one of their pages.

Regarding this particular 10 minute video I shall be blunt and candid. Shay demonstrates a maturity level of someone stuck in early adolescence. Considering that she has no education, no qualifications, and no credentials it is not surprising that she looks, and sounds, quite silly and foolish. It would seem that Shay is quite unaware that there is not just one pathway to recovery. Her narrow-mindedness oozes unadulterated exclusivity.

Rich professes to feeling “overwhelmed” at this time. Are you not meeting quota for heads in beds (again), as required by your current employer(s), Rich?

This video was made specifically to announce that neither Rich nor Shay have smoked a cigarette in 48 hours. And their point is? The true point of this video is but yet another feeble and inane attempt to keep their number of likes, comments, and shares at an acceptable level for the sole purpose of maintaining body brokering/human trafficking job security.

It is incomprehensible, to me, that Rich and Shay’s cult-like followers don’t see right through these fraudulent profiteers of the rogue Treatment Center Industry. They are void of any semblance of professionalism.

Rich and Shay, along with every last one of these Social Media-body-brokering-human traffickers, will continue to prey upon the very most vulnerable until people wake-up and speak-up. They are dangerous and without conscience as they shuffle the most innocent into harms way. They play an ugly role in contributing to the ever-increasing number of overdose deaths. They are the gateway directly into the hands of the criminal profiteers of the rogue Treatment Center Industry.

Awareness, education, knowledge, and the TRUTH is so critically needed. We must be relentless, fearless, and come roaring. Otherwise we are complicit.


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