Chanda Lynn

Chanda sets the bait for the sheep.
“…if you’re interested?”
BAM! 💥
The bait is taken as evidenced by
the likes, shares, and adoring comments.
Oh yes, be sure to make mention of “Mothers”.
They’re the most vulnerable, desperate, and have the PPO insurance coverage for their child.
“You ARE a WONDERFUL mother ❤️”
Chanda, have you ever spent a day with one of your mother-sheep-followers? How would you have ANY idea what kind of mothers drink your kool-aid?
“…we get along here and support each other.”
“I have no qualms about being real when it comes to the harder things in life.” Chanda your recovery closet is packed full of lies, secrets, and a sundry of relapses.
“My recovery date is 12/27/14.” Notice how she doesn’t say that she’s been clean and sober since then. Because she hasn’t.
Her page is an example of deceptive marketing which is, in fact, against the law.
Why don’t you tell people about the two criminal treatment centers you worked for as a patient broker and human trafficker? (Reliance and White Oak Run). Why don’t you tell us exactly why you left The Indiana Center for Recovery and went to Wavelengths?
EVERYTHING you do is to feed your ego and make money off the backs of human beings with SUD and/or mental health issues. You, Chanda Lynn, are part of the filth within the rogue Treatment Center Industry.
You’re ONE OF THEM who lies, deceives, and manipulates.
You are a despicable patient broker and human trafficker…..and apparently your mother is, too.
And then there’s your boyfriend.

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