The Lion’s Roar


Rich Walters and I share the same Recovery Community in Parkersburg West Virginia insomuch as 12 step fellowships are concerned. Although we didn’t attend the same meetings I was familiar with his name. Anytime someone brought-up Rich’s name the word “big ego” was part of the dialogue.
In September 2016, shortly after I found Choose Freedom/William Marotta, I found myself exchanging comments on a page in the MOV (Mid-Ohio Valley) with Rich Walters. We were butting heads. Eventually we were exchanging amicable comments and it was at that time I suggested to Rich that he might like to check-out Rich Jones/Recovery Cartel and William Marotta/Choose Freedom. It wasn’t too long before Rich was doing lives on Marotta’s Choose Freedom. Simultaneously I was beginning to see that William Marotta was lying, scamming people with fraudulent GoFundMe’s, taking romantic and sexual advantage of his other female administrators. I eventually found evidentiary proof that he was patient brokering, as well. Over time I came to realize that William Marotta was a hard-core pathological liar. This man lies like you and I breathe.
On Saturday January 7, 2017 I made the decision to cryptically call-out William Marotta’s bullshit on my FB page. At that time I had 12 FB friends. Not surprisingly there were no comments or likes. I was having so much fun making my little cryptic memes about William that I couldn’t have cared less. After several hours I noticed I was receiving multiple messages on my private messenger. Lo and behold every message was from a female who had been victimized by William Marotta. About 5:30pm “a big fish” messaged me. Soon after we were on the telephone. To be continued…..