Rich Walters and I share the same Recovery Community in Parkersburg West Virginia insomuch as 12 step fellowships are concerned. Although we didn’t attend the same meetings I was familiar with his name. Anytime someone brought-up Rich’s name the word “big ego” was part of the dialogue.
In September 2016, shortly after I found Choose Freedom/William Marotta, I found myself exchanging comments on a page in the MOV (Mid-Ohio Valley) with Rich Walters. We were butting heads. Eventually we were exchanging amicable comments and it was at that time I suggested to Rich that he might like to check-out Rich Jones/Recovery Cartel and William Marotta/Choose Freedom. It wasn’t too long before Rich was doing lives on Marotta’s Choose Freedom. Simultaneously I was beginning to see that William Marotta was lying, scamming people with fraudulent GoFundMe’s, taking romantic and sexual advantage of his other female administrators. I eventually found evidentiary proof that he was patient brokering, as well. Over time I came to realize that William Marotta was a hard-core pathological liar. This man lies like you and I breathe.
On Saturday January 7, 2017 I made the decision to cryptically call-out William Marotta’s bullshit on my FB page. At that time I had 12 FB friends. Not surprisingly there were no comments or likes. I was having so much fun making my little cryptic memes about William that I couldn’t have cared less. After several hours I noticed I was receiving multiple messages on my private messenger. Lo and behold every message was from a female who had been victimized by William Marotta. About 5:30pm “a big fish” messaged me. Soon after we were on the telephone. To be continued…..


    1. You are so very welcome, Cherlynn. And I thank YOU for your ongoing support. My plan, for the moment, while I’m still in FB jail is to share some of the background from my ultimate mission. While in jail I am not on newsfeed, so once I’m out of jail and more people become aware of my new website, I will get back to business. XO❤️


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