Once again I am incarcerated in FB Jail for but yet another 30 days. Zuck’s Community Standards and I are in constant conflict. In fact, I have spent a total of 330 days in FB Jail this past year. It’s a wonder I accomplished a damn thing on my FB page.
So, here I am! And here you are. Please join me on this next leg of my spiritual journey and my mission to bring awareness regarding the rogue Treatment Center Industry and their unscrupulous marketers with the hope that one less vulnerable human being is victimized. May we all be of good courage and remain steadfast in loving recovery. Carol D. Terwilliger


    1. Welcome to my website mantiswoman61. I am delighted you’re here. I am not anonymous and I have no secrets. You have my respect for your anonymity as well as your secrets. XO


      1. My prediction is that Richie will become a pastor, preacher. Every post he brings up God. I think he uses this as some kind of shield. That he thinks it will protect him from people who disagree with him. If that makes sense? He knows he’s running out of time and this would be plan B. When the bottom drops out he will still have people that will follow and will still donate money. He has never worked a real job, ok he was a bartender at our town’s local dive. Giving out free drinks to his friends, all whooping it up. This was back in his early recovery. He held some of his first meetings there. People in the bar called him out on his recovery crap and there was actual fist fighting.
        Richie had missed so much high school that he technically should not of graduated with his class. Grandma and his mom begged the school to let him under the condition he would have to complete summer school. So he has no other education to fall back, when the shit hits the fan. They will become the next Jim Baker/ Tammy Faye.

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  1. OMG! I have been thinking the same thing- Jim Baker and Tammy Faye😂😂😂That said, Richie is not the only one who abuses the word “ Jesus” . Whenever I listen to him or any of the other charlatans I feel sickened by the abuse of the references to Jesus. It is true, though, that this kind of “ speech” tends to attract primarily those vulnerable people they are trying to attract.

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  2. Reverend Webber. F- him. I’m family and I’ve been blocked. Heck, I never comment on his shit. Well, if that’s the case, stop using my sons (2) for your fame– disgusting you have everybody telling you how sorry for your loss! You were never friends with them. If we are not friends, then I think you- Richie should just stop.

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      1. I’m gonna expound a few facts:
        Fact:His mom and Grandma created this monster.
        Fact:Neither one of the have a cell phone, tablet…so no social media. They have no idea about him.
        Fact:Grandma pays for his self phone.
        Fact: Yes, his hair was long. No wig. Trust me.
        Fact:2nd Overdose his mom just stood there, wringing her hands. She was afraid to call for help because she there might be drugs in her house and was worried about losing her house. Stepson called EMS. Mind you she was a medic in desert storm.
        Fact: Yes, Grandma& Grandpa gave him $1,000 dollars at a time. He lied and said it was for a drug to heal his addiction.
        Fact: Richie recently asked Grandparents for $70,000 to help buy a Tesla. Umm, they didn’t fall for that.
        Fact: He doesn’t even acknowledge his child, after being gone for days on end.
        Fact: Those were fake pictures of him in jail. He got permission from our great sheriff that is presently setting in jail for stealing drugs that are recovered from drugbusts. They were neighbors.
        Well, I’m tired now. I have more…..or think of a question and I will answer it.

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        1. Thank you for expounding on Richie and his family. Your knowledge of his inner workings confirms inside knowledge and suspicions. Any information is greatly appreciated and confidential. You’re more than welcome to share at will. Was his stepmom or mother who found him Od’ing? What was the sheriffs name that assisted in staging “fake” jail pictures?


        2. Richie’s mom and his cousin were woke up by a girl that alerted them that Richie may be overdosing. Richie’s cousin made the call. She never performed CPR on him that time. I only know of 2 occasions that he overdosed.
          The sheriffs name is Kyle Overmyer. Sandusky County, Oh. I believe he is still incarcerated.

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