My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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Another look at Rich and Shay Walters

1. “…today I am 7 years sober.” That’s a lie.

2. “…today she’s 6 years sober.” That’s a lie.

3. “…we have over a million followers.” They want to impress you while they deceive you. Christopher Ferry/Boca Recovery Center invested over 100K to boost their numbers. Those numbers were NOT organically grown.

4. Considering they have over a million followers the numbers below are certainly not very impressive.

Rich Walters is a well-known body broker with an extensive history.

Brian Mylett owned Reliance Treatment Center (WPB Florida) and White Oak Run (Waverly West Virginia). Rich Walters body brokered for Brian Mylett.
Rich Walters with Bryan Mylett (far right) at White Oak Run (Waverly West Virginia)

Rich Walters body brokered for Treatment Alternatives. (see link above)

Rich Walters and Shay Dunn Walters body brokered for Christopher Ferry at Boca Recovery Center
Christopher Ferry
Rich Walters with Christopher Ferry
Meet Christopher Ferry’s grandfather (above)

I am of the opinion that Rich Walters has essentially taken over Parkersburg West Virginia with multiple recovery related businesses. May law enforcement and the alphabet boys step up their game in the very near future. An arrest is long overdue.

The work of a body broker.
Rich Walters
The life of a body broker.


Sober Dad is a body broker, too.
Dating all the way back to 2017
Fake news by the Fremont News Messenger.
He’s waiting for YOUR call.
One of the fake, fraudulent, and worthless pieces of paper compliments of the fake, fraudulent “Dr.” (NOT) Cali Estes. Scam artist supreme.
No wonder you’re angry. Steroids and being exposed will do that.


Dear Richie,

From my observations of you for nearly 5 years it is highly evident that you have not clue one as to what recovery is. You have been using substances throughout your so-called ‘recovery’ including alcohol.

You are a proven prolific and pathological liar. I have witnessed your lies beyond numbers that I could possibly begin to even count.

As you are already aware I am fed-up with you and all of your narcissistic sociopathic behaviors. You’ve been a low life body broker for years for starters.

You are not only a liar, but you are highly manipulative, deceptive, conniving, and egocentric. You are a huge fake and a fraud. Bottom-line? YOU ARE CRIMINAL AND DANGEROUS to any audience you entertain.

Regarding your nationwide Tesla Tour. I call bullshit at every turn. Why have we not seen a photo post of you in your Tesla? After all you never miss an opportunity to display yourself. You’ve displayed your unstable dumb ass all over TikTok and Social Media.

Why haven’t you posted your full Tesla Tour itinerary? Why haven’t you posted the exact locations of where you’ll be with a date and time? Why haven’t you posted any pics or videos of you at any given location? Could it all be smoke and mirrors, lies, and deception? Are you really doing what you say you’re doing? I’m inclined to think not. It’s looking like a sham and a scam bullshit publicity stunt.

You’ve never mentioned who is sponsoring this maniacal bullshit. Why?! All signs point to Amethyst Treatment Center. By all means correct me if I’m wrong, but then please be honest and transparent and tell us who IS behind the scenes sponsoring all of this crap.

I shall not rest until your dangerous and criminal self is off Social Media for good.

I shall close with this last comment: You are a complete and total POS. I’ll bet even Chanda would wholeheartedly agree if she weren’t so afraid of you.

I shall look forward to a response. Carol