My First Blog Post

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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The truth always comes to light, Tim Ryan

Carol Terwilliger good Lord.
This has GOT to stop. 😢

I thought she was safe there. It was the 1st time in months I actually felt she had a chance and I could sleep at night again.

She could have died, I was soooo naive.

They were doing Flacka (?)
That was one that until going there, she had never done before. 🤦‍♀️

They need to go down for the shady crap thats going on. Lives being lost.

I feel so sorry for the parents just starting this journey. They want so badly to believe the addiction nightmare will finally stop once they’re in a rehab.
When in fact its not even being addressed truly, while they are there.
Many kids die this way.

By the Grace of God ( certainly NOT Tim Ryan, she’s alive, and clean. 4 years this coming April.

Tim knew what he was doing. But didn’t give a rats ass…. lied straight to my face..
SHAME, shame on him!
Karma is coming….

A few words on Banyon and Tim Ryan

Carol Terwilliger that’s where I was 4+ years ago with Banyan in Fl.
They let my daughter hang on the beach. Party, not required to be in meetings, RARELY drug tested. Didn’t hold her accountable for therapy and interacting with family on resolving issues…
She later said it was a joke, and a wonderful vacation for her!


She was supposed to be under their care, and trying to get clean.

That was the Furthest thing from what went on there!!
She came home, after 2 months out there, and was wasted by day 3 being home.

A complete nightmare for the family. 😢

This was all under Tim Ryan.

Who, btw, claimed he saw my kid twice while out there.

She said she never saw him once !!

He’s a complete pos, and a magnificent LIAR.


He’s quite the body broker and has quite the family of friends.

I guess he’s all better now…in less than 2 months. I guess that domestic battery against your new wife is just part of your past now. Seems to be a trend with these so-called Recovery Advocates.

Tyler Pack: Gucci Recovery and Ohio Recovers pages include Timothy Heard and Marty Norman


A virtual haven for the “bad guys”.

You always give yourself away, Dru.

I’d bet Trent Shelton wouldn’t be too happy to have his face all over this page.

Oh Dru, how you do give yourself away! Looks like you still have some work to do with that honesty, transparency, and integrity. Never mind that runaway EGO!
Andrew Hager/Boca Recovery Center
Andrew Hager and REM ONE
Must be a hunting ground for PPO’s
Angel Bryant “Groupie”
Joe Nester’s GoFundMe.
Tyler Pack/Gucci Recovery
This means you can count-in Rich Walters, too.
Jonathan Weirich from Chicago Hope Dealers